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UKIYO - THE floating world


Japan. 1603.

After a lengthy period of inner conflict, the newly established Tokugawa government manages to pacify the country.

Thanks to dramatic social restructuring, the lower classes suddenly find themselves in possession of something new and powerful: leisure time. They develop new aesthetic ideals in visual arts, theater, and fashion to better reflect their urban lifestyle. This search for enjoyment through craftsmanship and popular entertainment gives rise to a booming creative economy.

The Yoshiwara red light district becomes the destination for the elite and wealthy to flash their fortunes. The allure is palpable. Some members of the upper echelon even adopt pseudonyms to pursue creative endeavors while protecting their social standing. Samurai paint with fishermen. Shopkeepers perform with lords. Abandon all status, ye who enter here.

One of the largest cultural renaissance in human history is born. This new mass culture comes to be known as Ukiyo, β€œThe Floating World.”