carpo - goddess of autumn

Handmade, hand-painted resin Mephisto figurine.


Carpo could barely remember how she had come to the dark place. She had met with a spirit, a peaceful albeit creepy one, who trafficked in souls. Everything else had been lost to time. How long had she been here now? It was impossible to tell in the infinite darkness. Infinite darkness that had suddenly been pierced by light. As she cautiously approached the light, were it yet another trap these monsters so often enjoyed springing, she saw something, or rather someone, who brought back a wave of memories. A warrior god wearing a helmet with decorative horns. She knew him... she had seen him waging wars across... the Earth, her home! How long had she been gone... She had witnessed the bloodshed, flames and destruction this warrior god had wrought against her and her... sisters. She had sisters waiting for her back on Earth. They had a job... what was it... Carpo had tried to stop the warrior and all who followed him. The deal... That was it! She had made a deal with the soul trafficker, The Undying, to remove the warrior god from her realm, the Earth. Then why had she been taken as well? The Undying had explained it, she was sure of that. Something he kept muttering... The Balance! To maintain the balance, to have the warrior god removed, Carpo, a god of the Earth and creation, must have been removed as well. She wasn't sure how that created a balance, but she was sure the warrior god with his horned helmet was making his way to the light, to the gateway. He was going home. Going to wage war upon her lands once again. She had to find The Undying. She had to stop this and return to the Earth. There was a balance for which she too was responsible. And Carpo could not even imagine how imbalanced the natural order of the Earth might have become in her absence. The whole planet was at risk and while her previous plan to protect it had failed, she would not fail again. All she had to do was find that lonely spirit, The Undying, and restore her own balance

This handmade totem of Carpo, Goddess of Autumn was cast in resin from silicon molds. It was hand painted with acrylic paint in an attempt to capture the natural, fiery beauty Carpo brought to the Earth each year. A coat or two of sealer was later applied to protect her appearance against light and respectful handling. It has been said that totems of the Carpo brought the holder the power to be reborn, to take down what had been and scatter the seeds for a better tomorrow.