the expired

Handmade, hand-painted resin Mephisto figurine.


While it's true that a single human scientist was the first to tear open a rift in time and space, exposing our reality to the terror and torment of the Mephistos, many are quick to overlook the contributions of his research intern. Mostly because the intern was always hours late and spent most of the lab time pocketing various concoctions and pharmaceuticals that might turn a profit on the street or make for a fun night out. Upon returning to the lab from a long lunch, having completed an exhausting hour of filing, the intern was shocked to find an open portal floating above a work station. Never one to pass up an opportunity to find more stuff to steal or inhale, the sometimes lab assistant entered. The Arch Mephisto quickly spotted the intern, saw through the dim excuse for a soul hiding within, and ripped it free. The terrified shrieks gave way to silence as the Arch Mephisto did for the intern what had previously been done for the scientist. The intern was reborn in an all too appropriate form. One side: a glossy red. The other: a chalky white... with a large RX ripped into what passed for flesh now. The RX remained a festering open wound. Nothing, from all of creation, would ever help the wound to heal. The Arch Mephisto's wrath had been swift and final. However, the intern, now called "The Expired," quickly understood that this realm possessed endless possibilities for all new potions and formulas far beyond anything found on earth. When the Arch Mephisto bellowed that this judgement was quote "final," the Expired whispered softly to itself, "for now."

This handmade totem of the The Expired was cast in resin from silicon molds. It was hand painted with acrylic paint that captures the strange and almost too literal form of the former intern. A coat or two of sealer was later applied to protect its appearance against light and respectful handling. It has been said that totems of The Expired will get humans higher than they have ever been in their lives. For anyone one hoping this to be the case, it is pure urban myth. However, there have been documented cases of totem holders going mad from waking nightmares filled with uncontrollable, constantly shifting visions that permanently alter their perception of the world and send them shrieking into a Taco Bell at 3:37 am on a nightly basis.