The fiend from the black depths

Handmade, hand-painted resin Mephisto figurine.


When a lone human scientist finally managed to tear open a rift in time and space, the Arch Mephisto was quick to make contact with the sub-creature. It was even quicker to explain that it was, in fact, the first being of this ancient reality. All was under the Great Red One's dominant rule. Yet deep in the bowels of darkness, dark even by this realm's standards, something awakened. Something that wanted very much to meet this Arch Mephisto. For perhaps the first time in all of time itself, the Fiend from the Black Depths stirred. And every creature, across all possible realities, suddenly felt cold...

This handmade totem of the Fiend was cast in resin from silicon molds. It was hand painted with acrylic paint in a doomed attempt to capture the dark magnificence of the Fiend and the Black Depths from which it came. What human could even conceive of such a thing? Who among them was worthy? A coat or two of sealer was later applied to protect its appearance against light and respectful handling, as if the Fiend could ever be sealed against its will. It has been said that totems of the Fiend drain any and all heat from a room and every creature, living or dead, dwelling within. Which can actually be a real cost saver for the hot summer months. But never, NEVER, tell the Fiend that its dark power is improving your electric bill or personal comfort or you will intermediately perish in flames.