isaac - "Gilded Ghosts" edition

Handmade, hand-painted resin robot figurine.





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//_This 9th Circle Robotics "Isaac" model serves the Gilded Ghosts in both recon and security details as needed. The Ghosts have customized this Isaac with a number of aftermarket sensor packages that have more than a few rivals scratching their heads. Many have tried and failed to figure out just how the Ghosts are accounting for the significant power drain that many active systems would surely cause. One anonymous resource cited the gold paint as a possible energy conductor but a former engineer within ear shot of this interview was quick to dismiss the absurdity of such a claim. When asked to elaborate, the engineer went through a list of possible experimental battery and wireless power sources DARPA was developing prior to collapse and the plausibility of the Ghosts having acquired said technology. Either way, its yet another example of the seemingly endless ingenuity displayed by the Gilded Ghosts, one of the most dangerous gangs on the frontier.

//_Each and every 9th Circle Robot was hand cast and painted by certified factory technicians. Any attempt to modify or reprogram your new robot in any way will immediately void any and all warranties.


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