The Mephisto from another world

Handmade, hand-painted resin Mephisto figurine.


During a desperate quest for a new home planet, this unfortunate creature made the mistake of calculating a hyperspace jump in blargons when the navigational equipment was clearly set to negrudes. This caused the ship to smash right through the fabric of reality before running out of power in the Mephistos' realm. Despite being a poor student of mathematics, the creature was quick to study the appearance of the local population and shifted its form into a suitable disguise. The Mephisto from Another World searched for any means of escaping this terrifying new landscape and its hostile tormentors. It searched and it searched and found only darkness. Ready to give up all hope for itself and the doomed population waiting back home, the creature happened upon a ray of light. The light led to a portal. On the other side of the portal... salvation. A whole great wide world, rich with resources just waiting to host the creature's people. Sure there was a grossly over populated indigenous species made almost entirely of meat that would have to be exterminated, but that was a small price to pay for paradise. The creature only needed to get a message home and The Great Change could commence...

This handmade totem of the Mephisto from Another World was cast in resin from silicon molds. It was hand painted with acrylic paint to accurately render the disguise the creature used to survive the dark place. A coat or two of sealer was later applied to protect its appearance against light and respectful handling. It has been said that totems of the Mephisto from Another World bring luck and prosperity to the people of its home world. For other species, however, it brings pestilence, famine, disease and death. Get yours and find out what this Mephisto will bring you!