the undying

Handmade, hand-painted resin Mephisto figurine.


The portal had been opened and while The Undying wasn't sure how this was even possible, it was sure this was going to be a problem. The Undying was the only entity able to create doors between realms. At least, until now. It had always been (ALWAYS) The Undying's task to collect souls not just from Earth, but from all realms, and traffic them to a variety of destinations. There was a balance to be maintained. And The Undying maintained that balance faithfully, even after this job, this task, made every other Mephisto wary and distrustful. A lonely existence The Undying could handle, but not the impending chaos that would surely erupt were beings suddenly allowed to travel between realms at will. This portal was tugging a thread that was fully capable of unraveling all existence. Especially once The Fiend from the Black Depths realized what had happened, if it hadn't already. The Undying would have to do something it had previously never thought to do: enlist help. And there was only one other being The Undying knew of who might be willing to put a stop to this, Woden the Furious. Hopefully Woden was in a helpful mood this day...

This handmade totem of The Undying Mephisto was cast in resin from silicon molds. It was hand painted with acrylic paint to capture the serene yet isolated expression worn by the one and only Soul Trader. A coat or two of sealer was later applied to protect its appearance against light and respectful handling. It has been said that totems of the The Undying often stirred great motivation in those who possessed one. The totem serves as a reminder that time is fleeting and your current version of existence came with a hard expiration date. These totems have lead many to pursue their hopes and dreams with gusto so that when The Undying finally came to claim them, they would greet the ancient one with a smile and leave in peace.