philip - "GILDED ghosts" edition

Handmade, hand-painted resin robot figurine.




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//_Allegedly, the Gilded Ghosts were in possession of this 9th Circle Robotics "Philip" from even before the great fall. This is somewhat hard to believe as the Gilded Ghosts did not make their first appearance until well after the final collapse. While the Gilded Ghosts are famous for their expert, night time stealth raids, they have made plenty of use of the Philip's top mounted cannon. Shelling an enemy camp has proven a solid strategy for either initial softening or covering an escape. A willingness and proven ability to adapt to any threat that comes along has cemented the Gilded Ghosts as one of the frontier's most dangerous gangs.

//_Each and every 9th Circle Robot was hand cast and painted by certified factory technicians. Any attempt to modify or reprogram your new robot in any way will immediately void any and all warranties.


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