underhill - "gilded ghosts" edition

Handmade, hand-painted resin robot figurine.




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//_The Gilded Ghosts claimed this 9th Circle Robotics Underhill model from right under their enemy's nose. The GGs slipped into the enemy camp, reprogrammed the Underhill on the spot and unleashing it upon their unsuspecting, and mostly sleeping, opposition. Underhills were designed for construction work, but their incredible strength and durability make for an easy transition to and from the battlefield. The Gilded Ghosts, who prefer stealth raids under the cover of darkness, coat their bots in a semi reflective gold/bronze paint. When an enemy investigates a strange noise, shines a flashlight beam in the bots' direction, the refracting light distracts, startles and/or blinds the combatant. Yet another clever bit of trickery from the Gilded Ghosts, one of the frontier's most dangerous gangs.

//_Each and every 9th Circle Robot was hand cast and painted by certified factory technicians. Any attempt to modify or reprogram your new robot in any way will immediately void any and all warranties.


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