woden the furious

Handmade, hand-painted resin Mephisto figurine.


Woden the Furious, an ancient deity once revered by humankind, was betrayed by a rival and trapped within the Mephistos' Dark Realm. While Woden summoned all of his strength to defeat any demon in his path, his rage against the heavens was unable to free him. He would weep for the humans who celebrated him, who counted on him, for without his fury at their disposable, they shall surely fall in battle. Woden can think of no greater defeat than failing those who would count on him. The eons have not been kind; Woden has been distorted into a disfigured version of his former self. He has hacked and slashed his way through this endless dungeon, defeating all who have been foolish enough to cross him. But he is weary and without hope, as there is no honor in battle without cause. Woden was ready to march himself into exile, into the deepest, darkest reaches of the abyss, when suddenly, a beam of light stabbed through the darkness, swift and true. A portal had opened and he could sense that Earth waited on the other side. Woden set his sights on the gateway, but he was not alone. The light had been seen by all and all who saw it had come. Woden would take them all on, anything to return to whatever remained of his followers. Victory would once again be his to claim. And yet... why did he suddenly feel so very cold? A cold dark power, like nothing he had ever experienced, washed over him. Whatever it was, he vowed that it would not cross the threshold and reign darkness upon the Earth. Perhaps the challenge he sought would soon be upon him after all...

This handmade totem of Woden the Furious was cast in resin from silicon molds. It was hand painted with acrylic paint and adorned with a faux fur trim respectfully depicting Woden's own dust and cobweb covered helmet. A coat or two of sealer was later applied to protect its appearance against light and respectful handling. It has been said that totems of Woden bring righteous warriors to righteous victory... but that was a long time ago. Woden's power has not been felt by even the greatest of warriors in centuries... but who is to say that how it has been is how it shall always remain?